Saturday, September 17, 2011

Filthy Strands | Simply ...


Hey guys, here we go again with another post to end up this week.

I wish the best of luck to all those having exams in the following weeks to come (just like myself, ha !) 

Today, i just wanna tell a few words about a new rising style ... has anyone heard about Moombahton ? or someone has heard the productions of Munchi, Nadastrom or Sazon Booya ? So, if you haven't ... you should do so. (Remember, just like Google, SoundCloud is your friend if you need to look for specific music) 

Basically, moombahton is just a mixture of styles ... mainly influenced by reggaeton beats, it also includes dutch house (the bleepy thing you go used to with Afrojack, haha) and sometimes Hip-Hop or Zouk. So, if you liked any of those styles, you should give moombahton a try. 

I'm proud to say that i experimented that new style, and i pretty love the results. Here is a little private edit i made of a reggaeton track which was melodically great but the beats were somehow meh...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Filthy Strands | Back


I expect that a lot of you have been wondering if the blog was down or something ... 
Actually, it's just that i was having no more time to get it updated and mostly all of my staff left me as most of them had exams and stuff.
But now, i am back and will be getting you updated about the Strands releases and random info.
I am actually preparing my first album (a debut album ? that's what we say, right ?) which will include a lot of collaborations with talented people such as The Phoenix Bros., Jordan Ferrer, Sulto, Herve Pagez and many more.

I really want to cause a hype with this album so i'm trying everyday to get everything done to make this perfect ... and guess what, there'll be a free version and a version for the stores. I will keep you in touch with more info about it.

I've been working on a lot of stuff lately, less remixes and more originals which caused that now, my music folder is filled with demos and unreleased tracks.

No preview today but expect a new post later on something i was asked to talk about.

Cheers to the people,
Nick Strands.