Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011 | Remember ...

Hello guys,
I wish you all a happy easter and i guess you haven't wait for me to start the day, going to the mass, enjoying some chocolate eggs, spending the day in family. That's exactly the spirit of Easter for me ... but we also have to keep in mind that Easter's not just for the chocolate eggs but it's mainly the celebration of Jesus Christ's rebirth. Yeah, I know ... it may sound cheesy and you would probably think "Nicolas Strands is catholic ... he's going to spoil us with his stories about religion" but that's not it ... it's just that we should remember the original celebration before the festive and commercial one.

Anyway, i've been doing pretty loads of tracks, mainly remixes during my holidays (at least, i worked, haha) and I can tell you that you will soon see them out on stores.

The track i want to share with you today is a special one because it is one of the best remixes i've ever had of one of my tracks. It's going to be released later this year itself (probably at the end of it because of vocals and short time) but still you can hear a preview of it.
It is a track i made in collaboration with Bruno Simonetta (aka Sulto) and it's called "Something You Like". The version i'm sharing is Revero Remix ...

If ever you've heard the Tron soundtrack ... this should remind you of it.

Nicolas Strands & Sulto - Something You Like - IamRevero "Dark Side" Remix by revero

Happy Easter y'all ! :)

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