Sunday, May 8, 2011

Promo : Jordan Ferrer - I Need You EP [Harkee Records]


Hello guys,

I hope you all spent a good week. Mine was pretty great.
This article will be a favour i'm making to a great friend of mine, Jordan Ferrer, another young and promising producer from Chile (i'm saying young but he's older than me). I'm actually working with him in some projects under the alias MindWash. (You will soon hear of this)

Anyway, Jordan just released his very first solo EP "I Need You" which features a really great original mix and remixes from Adam1time, Sulto & Kama Qu (What if i said that i was about to be one of the remixers ?)
The track will please most big room progressive house fans with an awesome piano line, airy synths and a disco-oriented vocal sample going on in here.

You guys should really check it out cause it's worth listening. And don't forget ... to save the music industry, we should SUPPORT THE ARTISTS ! (Cheesy mode : Off)
Here's a minimix of the whole EP for you to have an idea of what it is ... and buy it to support my homie Jordan please !

Jordan Ferrer - I Need You EP Beatport May 3rd by Jordan.Ferrer

Buy it on Beatport !

Music Is Love...
Nicolas Strands.

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