Thursday, March 10, 2011

43th Anniversary of Mauritius' Independency | Why celebrate ?


Hey guys, it's like the first time i'm posting just to talk about something else than music.
Every 12th of March, since 1968, we, Mauritians, celebrate the anniversary of our independency ... but honestly, i think it's just some wastage of time because we are still being slaves to that f**king system that we created of our own hands.

Anyway, the only positive thing is that i really like the atmosphere felt on that day. (Haha, i'm a living contradiction)
And i'm proud to be a Mauritian myself, and i partly owe it to you guys who are following me in my achievements.

Anyway, i'm not going to end this post without letting you have some piece of sound to get yourself satisfied. This is a preview of an edit i did of a remix of Tonic's "Fire" by Sulto, which is an unreleased remix. Enjoy this preview !

Tonic Vs Sulto - Fire (Nicolas Strands Edit) - PREVIEW by Nicolas Strands

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