Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ripple The Sound : Episode 9

Hey everyone! How's life?
Mine's been as usual, full of witches, spells (Yes, I'm a fan of Harry potter) and I've encountered Lord Voldemort recently, he's been fine, but he's dreading the oncoming movie, Haha. 

I'm bringing some crunchy new stuff today :) Ever heard of Adam1time and of the Phoenix Bros? Well, it's high time dudes! I present the new track of M.Strands and Adam1time featuring The Phoenix Bros. Here's the promotional sample. On this one, Nicolas tried to apply his talent to hip hop music, and, seriously, it's a success. No really, that's amazing. The first time I listened to it, I couldn't remove my cursor from the replay button, I couldn't help it. I remember I was singing along while tapping my feet (I couldn't do more, there were people behind me ^^') 

Enjoy! =)

  Nicolas Strands & Adam1time - Trouble feat. The Phoenix Bros. (Sample) by Nicolas Strands

Have a Blast! 
Ripple The Sound
Mia Margeira

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