Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ripple The Sound : Episode 7

Hey everyone, here's Mia Margeira...again!

I Really just had to share this mix from M.Strands because it's too awesome to be left in the corner of my computer. Oh gosh I just Couldn't wait till Saturday, when I usually have to post an article prepared for you guys. Poor Mia had to wait ^^' But well, I fell really sick lately but don't worry, I'm fine now. I hate colds. Who doesn't anyway? 

Back to business! =]

Here is the music which made me dread the time I had to wait:

It is a preview of Zebra from the amazing dj-producer AnTiTo mixed by Nicolas Strands -who nicknamed it 'midnight mix'

This is what I call a nasty mix! 

That was the music of the week according to me! So Enjoy =)

Ripple The Sound

Mia Margeira

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